Monday, December 7, 2009

Where do I begin?

I am often asked how I start a project.
Whether I am making a quilt or decorating a house I need someplace to start.
For me the art often begins with color or colors.

When I decorated the great room in Florida I chose silk in bright colors for my pillows.

I like to use a run of color - in other words, each color is related the the previous and the next color.

This run of color is almost a rainbow or color wheel.

These pillows were made from affordable Molas I purchased on eBay. They each feature a tropical bird.

In reality I don't consider them Molas since they are appliqued. To me a Mola is reverse appliqued.

Each Mola was framed with Dupioni silk. Silk takes color so beautifully.

Even though the colors were chosen to create a run of color, I do not use them in color run order on the furniture. I relate them to the things that are near them to accent the colors.

Of course I had to use the bird puzzle cut for this one!
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Artistic Artifacts said...


I love your pillows especially the humming bird! thank you for your wisdom also.


norma said...

Great pillows, great colors! Don't you just love Dupioni silk?

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Glad both you enjoyed the post. Yes, Norma I LOVE Dupioni silk. I have a collection of it!