Sunday, December 6, 2009

Who made this quilt? - and an important blog date!

When I was going through and organizing the stuff in the drawers, shelves and containers in my Florida studio I found this quilt. I looked at it and thought "I wonder who made this quilt?"
It took me a minute to remember I made it. It is definitely not my usual style. It is a mixture of silks and cottons and is fused. It is a cheerful quilt. It has not been quilted but I finished the edges. I may quilt it and I may not!

I have mentioned before I started blogging on September 14, 2008. I had no idea what I was doing or where I was headed. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and also documenting much of my work and various other things.

Eventually I found out you could track the number of visitors to your blog and where they are from. One year ago today I started keeping track of the number of visitors.

I am overwhelmed realizing in just this one year I have had 45535 visits to my blog from 104 countries. The newest country to visit my blog was Tunisia on November 11, 2009.

Thank you to all of you who visit my blog and come back again and again.

I know my puzzles are one of the things that keep many of you coming back. I've been told many of you find them addictive. A good kind of addiction for sure.
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Mary Stori said...

This design looks like you had a play date with Laura Wasalowski! It's so fun!