Saturday, December 12, 2009

Riding in Style!

Thanks to the generosity of a family member I rode home from the airport in this stretch limousine all by myself! Usually they just send a luxury car. I told my neighbors I should have called them and woke them so they could see my mode of transportation.

My ride to the airport was also great. Our friend John drove me to the airport in record time. He drives the speed limit but he knows all the best routes ands shortcuts. I arrived in time to go through security at a leisurely pace and get to the boarding area about 15 minutes before boarding. Our plane had only 30 people on a 136 passenger plane. We got a lot of personal attention from a great cabin crew. I had a delicious chicken wrap on the plane for a late dinner. I actually passed on the hot chocolate chip cookies.

We landed 20 minutes early and the driver was waiting for me with his sign.

The shock came when I had to cross the road to the waiting limo - the cold almost knocked me over. I didn't think a 45 degree difference would be that hard to take. It was.

Today has been a leisurely type of day. I've unpacked since I only had my computer case and a tote bag with little in it. One of the two Priority Mail boxes I sent arrived today so I am now emptying it. It contained things I can't find in WI or things I just wanted to relocate to WI.

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