Thursday, December 31, 2009

A time for reflection and anticipation

On this the last day of 2009 I like to reflect on the past year.
So many things have happened this year for which I am grateful.

Of course my solo show at the Anderson Arts Center in Kenosha was one of the highlights of my year. In this photo you see my siblings, their spouses, cousins and niece and nephew in law in front of The Colors Of My Life 20 - The Grand Finale in the series. This polymorphic quilt looks different depending on where you are standing when you look at it. There are 3 major views.

Once the show had opened it was time to head to Florida for a few months.

This quilt resides in Florida and it was the inspiration for my decorating scheme in the house.

When I am in Florida I have a mission! Ladies in Florida lunch and I put my efforts into this endeavor. Ladies in Florida also shop and I do my part there too!

March took me to Texas to a reception for Fiber Art for a Cause at Karey Bresenhan's Franch. A good time was had by all.

This was just the beginning of 2009 and there were many more adventures to come. If you'd like to see them you can just review my blog!

I am anticipating an even better year in 2010.


Mary Stori said...

Happy New Year Kay......hope our paths will cross in person during 2010!

Christine Thresh said...

"In this photo you see my siblings, spouses ..."
Do you have more than one spouse?
Happy New Year.