Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sibling get together report!

You can see by the expressions on their faces that Clay and Bill are eagerly anticipating opening their gifts. Last year my brother Bill gave me a hard time saying the gifts are always for the women. So I made sure they each had a special man present this year!

When our grandchildren open each gift they hold it up and a photo is taken. Clay and Bill are showing their puzzles with various United States presidents playing poker. They each are looking forward to sharing and doing these puzzles. Bill has his puzzle table set up and Clay will do his when they spend time in Springfield, IL during the winter.

Now it's time for the ladies to anticipate opening their gifts. I thought I did a very clever job of wrapping their gifts!

They are each showing off their luxurious scarves made by my friend - Jane Steinberg Originals. I personally selected the colors for each one to go with their coloring and wardrobes. These are especially wonderful as these are some of the last scarves Jane made before she discontinued creating them. Left to right: Connie, Mary and Karen.

Here I am wearing my Jane Steinberg scarf. I love the feel of the silk and the way silk takes color. Each one is a very labor intensive process.

Like my friend Tommy I have the best intentions of taking photos of the food for my blog. Somehow in the hub bub of getting food on the table I forget. I will admit Tommy does a much better job of showing food than I do. Here are my 5 guests ready to enjoy dessert, a delicious lemon poppyseed cheesecake made by Connie. It is Karen's FAVORITE dessert!

The complete menu included a delicious Mexican dip with chips for the appetizer made by Mary, a luscious 4 layer salad by Karen and Cranberry Chicken, Cheesy Potato Bake and buttered brussel sprouts by me. Of course Clay brought some great wine.

Although I have featured over 200 puzzles on this blog I don't think I've ever been the puzzle. So tonight I'm a puzzle!
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Eva said...

The faces of your sisters seem to say: "Oh, you shouldn't have spent that much!"