Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spectacular Medallion Quilt

My students have done some amazing work over the years. This medallion quilt was created by Char Burns for her son.
She had taken a machine embroidery (thread painting) class from me previous to making this quilt. Her son drew the wolf and she embroidered it.
Some of the things I covered in the class were how to choose fabrics and integrate the borders for a cohesive quilt.

If you analyze the borders you can see they are really very simple. Her choice of fabrics with the proper amount of contrast is one of the things that makes the borders and the entire quilt work.
She also gave careful consideration to each and every corner with a design that worked in the corner.

She had never done any stenciling so I gave her a quick lesson on using freezer paper to stencil. She used a real leaf for the pattern. She used more than one color of paint to tie the colors of the leaves into the colors in the quilt
She certainly accomplished her goal of making a stunning masculine quilt for her son.

This quilt was pictured in Ladies Circle Patchwork Quilts when they visited Wisconsin. It was photographed on our bed and it did indeed look stunning there.


Anonymous said...

Great teacher, great student, great quilt .... the use of contrast so the pattern is crisp and clear is great, and I also love the plain borders which give the eye somewhere to rest.
Judy B

solomi558 said...

I have only just found your site, I can see a full evening viewing here but I must make 2 bags to put pressies in, I love medallion quilts, there is 1 on my site that I had to make in a short time but it looked good, I.ll be back --
Would you join me as a follower so I can click on easily, thankyou