Sunday, June 19, 2011

Black And White Quilt - It's Quilted!

After looking at the pictures of this quilt on the blog last night I realized there was one small change I wanted to make to the left border.
I went up to my studio and made the change.

Then I thought about a comment from Sherry Boram who suggested I combine both black and white thread and quilt it with the two threads at once.

Next thing you know I was trying that on samples. My machine did not like that and the threads were slightly loopy.

I took out the white thread, and started quilting with only the black. By 11 p.m. the quilting was done. I really enjoyed quilting this one. It's a relaxing way to quilt and puts me on auto pilot!

Here is one closeup of the quilting. As with almost every image on my blog you can click on it to see a larger view.

This is another close up of the quilting from a different section of the quilt.


Eva said...

Modern art! Josef Albers said hello. Love it.

warquilt said...

Very cool! -

Marilyn Wall said...

Kay, I love this, very modern using black and white only. Both of which I have trouble doing. Oh well! Yours looks great.

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

I adore this quilt! I have a deep love of black and white quilts. This one is special!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Thanks everyone.
It's not my usual style as you may already know.
Guess it's best to shake things up every once in a while!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kay,
Very Gee's Bend--love the asymmetrical balance, and the simple all-over quilting unifies the piece beautifully!

Linda Laird
quiltart reader

SCquiltaddict said...

Nice...i do love a great wonky quilt...and black and white!!

Donna~~ said...

Great quilt--love the quilting on it that you did. Just looks like it was fun to do! Congrats on your finish!

roberta said...

beautiful quilt, really eye catching

Alycia said...

Amazing quilt!!! I love it.

JCnNC said...

Wow - Looks like a Gee's Bend quilt. Lovely finish. Judy C in NC