Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Me And My Shadow - Piecing Completed

I completed the piecing for this quilt.
I chose a simple design to accentuate the beautiful mandalas.

When I showed you the two mandalas side by side I had thought the design in the darker one would be the dominant element.

Exactly the opposite happened. You hardly notice the design in the darker strips.

This is a great example of how fabrics are influenced by what is next to them.

I am pleased with the overall design of this quilt.

I will now leave it on the design wall while I work on other things. I do that so I can study it and come up with a quilting design to enhance what I have already created.

I prefer to do a quilting design that is:

1. Simple to stitch

2. Doesn't require a lot of stops and starts.

3. Doesn't require marking to quilt.

When those criteria have been met it will be time to do the quilting.


Vicki W said...

I also would have thought that the darker one would dominate but I guess it has less value range than the light one. Regardless, it's a really cool effect!

Anonymous said...

I was fooled too, as I would have thought this would have been a brown quilt. Wonder what happens in other values and colors..... thinking... of the quilting of course....

posting as anonymous as blogger will not let me post otherwise and NO I don't want to sign up for a blogggg... when will they "get" it?

quilthexle said...

And I just can second that - I would have thought the brown fabric would dominate. Maybe the reason is that the blue one is lighter and brighter? Anyway, it looks great, and it will be fun to see how you quilt it!

Anonymous said...

I like your quilt. And looking at the fabric before piecing, I'm with the rest of you and thought that the darker color would dominate. It came out great.
Thanks for sharing.

Marilyn C. said...

Light colours advance and dark colours recede.
Just the same as lights make you look larger and darks make you look smaller.
That said, i really like your work and look at your blog everyday.