Saturday, June 25, 2011

Quilt Designing With Corel Draw

I use Corel Draw to get ideas for quilt designs. This is one of the designs I created with it. I have not made a quilt from it.
Replicating this one in fabric would be a challenge because of the gradation I used as a background.

I played with the design to create this Ginger Jar image. I do not set out to create a design that would necessarily work for a quilt.
Often the designs provide inspiration for a quilt.

I have also actually printed a design on fabric and made a quilt from something I created with Corel Draw. I may have to break the design into several parts and print each part separately to make a quilt the size I desire.

Playing is another way to create art and also learn by trial and error. I am mostly self taught when it comes to using Corel Draw and Corel Photo Paint. There is a learning curve to use this, and what I know is only the tip of the iceberg of this very powerful graphics program.

You can play with fabric but you can also play with a graphics program. These are only two of the ways you can play to come up with a design that may or not become a quilt.

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Gloria said...

I do like that ginger jar. I have an older version of Corel Draw and have only played with it a little myself. Definitely has a learning curve. I see the newest version of the Corel graphics program is on sale now, but I'm just not ready to buy more unless I can learn how to use what I have.
Im concentrating more on my Phtoshop Elements 9 program. I've heard others say they use it for designing quilts as well. I've taken a couple of on-line classes for it and I use it for altered digital art/art quilt designs possibilities now. Still learning to use this program too.
I think anything that helps you visualize a possible design is a good thing. Computers and software can help do that and save lots of time. That is, once you learn how to use the these programs, LOL.
Thanks for sharing.