Monday, June 27, 2011

Fiber Postcards, Postcards And More Postcards

I want to share a lot of the postcards I've been mailing out recently.

Ever since the Red Hat Ladies came to my house to make fabric postcards I have been making whimsical and humorous fabric postcards.

This shows even more of the cards I have made. I have sent most of these to friends and family.

It is fun to pick out a special card and send it to an unsuspecting friend.

I have a few left to send, but I have been making more as the need arises. Unfortunately when I make one at a time they often do not get documented to share with you.

I have quite a collection of novelty fabrics to do this with. I bought a great selection in the quilt shop in Florida and already had a large collection here.

They are quicker and easier than the art post cards I have made in the past. I seldom do any sewing on them - it's all fusing.


Robin said...

go Bucks!

Gale, pursuing as much as I can as fast as I can! said...

Fusing is our friend! Rah! Love the postcards! Can't wait to see more close-ups when there's time.

SewFabSew Blog said...

Your postcards are colorful and a lot of fun! I have added your site to my blog!