Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Studio Annex - What's Hiding There?

Studio annex is just a fancy name for our attic. You can not stand up in there. You must crawl on your hands and knees over boards that make a partial flooring.
The only way to get in there is through two "doors" in the studio and studio storeroom.

It's one of those places where things go while they are aging enough to be thrown out, given away or repurposed somewhere in the house.

I can see boxes that something came in. Do you save all those boxes in case you have to send something back? Did you ever have to use one of them? I never have. I no longer even have those items I saved the boxes for! So throwing them out is a no brainer. Maybe there is a lesson for me in there.

Today, with help, the excavation began. It is not the first excavation, but hopefully it will be the last and there will be almost nothing left to fill the space.

What treasures will we find?

THE GOOD NEWS: Everything you see in the above photo has now been removed from the attic to go to new homes, the landfill or kept elsewhere in this house.

THE BAD NEWS: This is only about one fourth of the entire annex.

It's just another step in lightening the load.

Now I have to decide what to do with some of these treasures.


Anonymous said...

E-BAY !!!!

in Texas

Sarah said...

I'm not claustrophobic but crawling on those boards and pulling stuff out can't be too comfortable. Congrats on your accomplishments! Maybe I should go home and find a few things to get rid of as well...