Monday, February 3, 2014

Flowers and Foliage

I was so surprised when I walked out the front door (facing east) this morning and this one lone azalea was in bloom. The thing that surprised me most was we have had so much cold weather I thought they would bloom later than usual.
They usually start to  bloom in March or even April. Although they are loaded with buds but I don’t expect them to be in full bloom for a while yet.
This plant started as a houseplant. I moved it outside about 5 years ago. I really expected to lose it in the first few year. When it got cold it lost a lot of leaves and it almost looked dead.
It’s now about 5 feet tall and almost hides the two smaller shrubs. The leaves themselves are close to 3 feet in length.
I am thinking it is time to trim back a few of the leaves.
I’m always amazed at how fast things grow in Florida.

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