Monday, February 10, 2014

Is This My Olympic Quilt?


I started this quilt this week using some of the fabrics I won. I won first place in the Quilt Japan quilt contest several years ago.

I received several packages of gorgeous fabrics, either from Japan or with a Japanese influence.

They have been a challenge to me as to how to use them.

Right now I would say this just looks like a busy strange grouping, but it is just the beginning.

To me an Olympic quilt is one that challenges me and this one definitely does.

I will work on it off and on this week while I have other things I need to do.


This is the quilt I won the contest with. The criteria was to use  fabrics designed by Susan Faeder.

This was also a very challenging piece to create. I was very pleased with the final creation.

The quilt hung in the Yokohama Quilt Festival.


Patty Cramer said...

Wow, Kay - that is something else, but so are you!! I would NEVER have figured that out. I've been up most of the night - just can't sleep, so I'm online. LOL

Robbie said...

The quilt is very interesting & I can see would have been a challenge to create! Can't wait to see your Olympic quilt finished!