Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ice Dyeing Fabric

I have been waiting for the weather to warm up enough to work on dyeing fabrics in the garage.
Today it was warm enough to start ice dyeing.  I had about 8 gallon bags of ice in the freezer, many over a year old.
This is a perfect way to use that ice.
In this photo I am soaking my fabrics in soda ash solution.
I knew I was going to put the fabrics on a screen from a door that a friend game me. The problem was what to put under the screen.
I looked around the garage and spotted the tray that covers the batteries in the golf cart. This was a perfect solution for me.
In this photo you see the bottom layer of fabrics that will catch the water and dye as the ice melts.
I placed the screen on top of the tray.
I added the top layer of fabrics. some were just bunched up and others were folded and layered.
I added a thick layer of ice on top of the fabric.
Wearing a respirator I added powdered dyes on top of the fabrics and ice. I started with the lightest colors and gradually worked up to some darker ones.
I just guessed on how much dye to add. I am thinking I probably added more than necessary.
Next I covered the entire surface with plastic so the loose dyes didn’t blow around.
I’m sure you’re anxious to see the results. So am I!
But we are going to have to wait 24-48 hours or more until most of the ice has melted.
Then it will be time for the rinse out, wash out and pressing of the fabric.
As my friend Debbie said “The hardest thing about snow/ice dyeing is the waiting to see the results.”
While I am ice dyeing my friends Kay and Debby are snow dyeing. They have more snow that usual and are taking advantage of it.
The serendipitous results are always so exciting.


The Inside Stori said...

We sure don't have to wait for the availibility of snow or ice here.....fortunately, we haven't lost power....anxious to see your results!

Jody said...

I like the idea of having fabric under the screen. I have not been using a screen this year and I think I may like my results better than what I did last year. Last batch is soaking for the rinse out. First batch turned out awesome! I love to see how these fabrics turn out, no two are ever the same.