Friday, February 28, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch With A Man!


Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Sally and her husband Larry. We ate at the Stage Stop Restaurant in Silver Springs.

When Sally and I get together we are so busy talking and catching up I often forget to take pictures so I borrowed this picture of the inside of this restaurant.

We sat at the table you can see in the back…imagine Sally and I at the chairs against the wall and Larry facing us when he wasn’t visiting with the other people he knew.

I really enjoyed it. The food was great and plentiful.  I had the fried shrimp basket and when I saw the size of the portion I thought I’d probably be able to eat less than half. It was so good I ate over 3/4 of it. Good shrimp sauce and fries too.

I think Larry knew everyone in the whole place! But with his outgoing personality I’ll bet everyone he meets is his friend!

As I was leaving I saw they had fried pickles….I will return!

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