Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mary’s Scarves


Last night I showed Mary how to dye scarves and she really became the expert.

This group features her blues, greens and turquoise ones.


I have never tried dyeing with this black dye. The variations she got with the 3 scarves she dyed black was amazing.

Not only was the depth of color so different, but also the veining she got.


This rainbow of colors includes all the scarves she did with the warm colors, as well as some cool colors.

It is fun to see the variety of textures she achieved.

She dyed a total of 13 scarves, quite appropriate as her birthday is on the 13th of a month coming soon.


Our visit was over a little while ago as she heads back to the frozen tundra where the temperature is 15 degrees this morning.

The time went to fast and we had so much fun sharing family memories, and so much more.

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