Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ice Dyeing Part 3


I am sharing some more of the pieces that are bigger than a fat quarter.

This one is quite vibrant and contains most of the dye colors I used.


Although this one doesn’t contain as many colors, it will probably be one of the easier ones to use.


There is more turquoise in this piece that I can see in any other piece. Turquoise needs warmer temperatures that other dye colors.

Since there are no rules, nor predicted results when one does this each piece is a surprise. You have to be willing to play when you are doing something like this.


sonja said...

these are beautiful! I love the magic of cloth and color one makes without known outcome.The last one makes me think of a flower garden in summer,a geranium perhaps.

Robbie said... the last one, no wait the 2nd one, no wait the 1st one!!!!