Sunday, March 19, 2017

My Way

 And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
It's Magic 40W x 42L
It’s Magic
I've lived a life that's full
I've traveled each and every highway

Iris Spring 40wxw0h
Iris Spring

But more, much more than this
I did it my way

ice dyed mandala for show poster
Garden Party
Regrets, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention

GloryAura 43W x 36H
Glory Aura
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption

Good Vibrations 42W x 34L
Good Vibrations
To think I did all that
And may I say - not in a shy way

Walgreens ice 10

Oh no, oh no, not me
I did it my way

Chasing Rainbows 1,3,4,5 Marge
Chasing Rainbows 1,3,4,5
I planned each special work
Each careful step along the byway

Walgreens 33 ice Ice On fire
Ice On Fire
And more, much more than this
I did it my way

Sacred Spirits 43wx89h
Sacred Spirits
Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew

Chasing Rainbows 7 Marge
Chasing Rainbows 7

But through it all, when there was doubt
I ate it up and spit it out

Perfect Harmony

I faced it all and I stood tall
And did it my way

Karma Marge
  It’s time to shed a tear or two…. IMG_6995
But I’ll be back and so will you…
ice show vistors in black and white
For what is a woman, what has she got
If not herself, then she has naught
To say the things she truly feels
And not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows
And did it my way

  P.S. This is the longest blog post I have ever done but it deserved it so I could include some of your favorites and mine from the show.


Robin said...

Sinatra and Paul Anka would be proud of your interpretation of the song. It has been a fabulous trip for you. And for Us, your readers. Thanks for sharing.

Jan R said...

Robin said it better than I could. I appreciated so much your sharing your beautiful quilt show and experience with us.

The Inside Stori said...

So VERY impressive Kay……congrats on a awesome, inspiring show!

Windy Hill Happenings said...

I know you shed a tear but you should also be popping open a huge bottle of champagne for an amazing show. Your body of work is are so talented...dear lady!

Marianne said...

C'est juste magique vos impressions textiles a faire rêver de les regarder

Deb Thuman said...

The kaleidoscope pieces are magnificent! I'd love to learn how to do that.

Amy Art Quilter & Fyber Cafe said...

WOW I am so impressed, your show looks fabulous! Congrats on a wonderful event. BEAUTIFUL!!