Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If it's Tuesday is it Texas?

Here you see Bordering On A New Millennium hanging on my wall. Below it on the floor are my lime green and my magenta cowboy boots. So am I in Texas now??????
This is the quilt that was the beginning of my bright colors used to decorate this house. When I watch Color Splash on HGTV I often wonder if David peeked in my windows or saw the article about my house in the newspaper. After all, his parents live right up the road and I'm sure they subscribe to the local paper! How else did he learn to use all those bright colors? Just kidding David if you're reading this!

This is not your grandpa's Grandfather Clock. I had always wanted a grandfather clock and this is just funky enough for my unique decor!

When you look directly into the face of the clock it appears as if you are looking into a long deep tunnel. So much fun! I understand a little more about how it works as I had to change the lighting panel this week.

Here's another vignette in the great room. I bought this knock of the Saarinen Womb Chair on eBay. The original is uber comfortable and uber expensive. Little did I know when I purchased this there was a reason it cost 1/5th what the original did. It is hard and doesn't compare in the comfort department. So it is off to the side and I now am sitting in a Westnofa Siesta chair which I also bought on eBay for about 1/5th the cost of the knock off or 1/25th the cost of the authentic Womb chair.

Tonight's puzzle was a very serendipitous acquisition. Years ago I subscribed to Southwest Art. I read an article about the artist Patricia Wyatt. I was so impressed with her life story and her work. I saved the article and filed it away. I had never been to Santa Fe but hoped to visit there sometime. I also intended to contact her some day. Years later on a visit of Santa Fe I was walking along the plaza and saw this framed print from a distance and loved it. When I got close enough to read the signature I almost hyperventilated. I asked her if she was indeed that Patricia Wyatt and of course she was. I immediately said I'd like to buy the print. Just in the nick of time because 15 seconds later someone else wanted to purchase it but it was already mine. It was really meant to be as she explained the painting, the story and the symbolism. I was and still am thrilled to have it.
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Exuberant Color said...

The frame on the painting is fantastic too.

David could have been influenced by you, you never know. He surely must have been attracted to all sources as he grew to love designing.

Gene Black said...

Was the Patricia Wyatt piece already framed or did you frame (or maybe change the frame?)

The frame really accents the piece.

karenfae said...

interesting clock! hope you are enjoying your time in Florida with the warm weather.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

The print was already framed.
The frame drew me in from quite far away. Then I got the close up look and saw the name.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I am really enjoying seeing how different this house is from your Wisconsin house. Must be fun to have two totally different homes.

I love your quilt, painting, and clock. The cowboy boots are crazy!!!

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Love the Millenium quilt! At first I thought there were two people in cowboy boots standing behind it holding it up, LOL!
(P.S. how much would you take for those lime green boots?) ... just kidding!

Did you notice your reflection in the face of the clock? So cool.