Tuesday, February 10, 2009

June 6 and Settling In

This is another quilt from my show: June 6. The fabrics were created over a long period of time. All the quilts in this series were designed and pieced in June 2007. The quilting on them was done between that time and the beginning of the show.

If you click on this photo it will enlarge and you can see the quilting patterns better. Because I use variegated threads for most of the quilting the quilting blends in with the colors and patterns of the fabrics in the quilt. Some of these quilting designs are the result of doodling. Others just happen when I start the actual quilting. I am influenced by the patterns in the fabric and my feelings as I quilt.

Today my only concern was unpacking, relaxing and enjoying the warmth - in the 70's until the sun went down.

I made it to the grocery store and stocked up on the things I could think of that I needed to stock the kitchen I hadn't used in nine months.

I still don't have everything unpacked but I will tonight.

I took some photos of some things I thought you'd like to see. Unfortunately I had the wrong setting on the camera and I'll have to retake them tomorrow.

June 6 is tonight's puzzle. Enjoy!
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Eva said...

Is it transparent? Put in front of a window? Or is it the glow of the bright colours?