Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tying up some loose ends! and introducing some beginnings!

Guest Blogger Month at the Quilting Gallery
I wanted to let you know I have been invited to be a guest blogger on Quilting Gallery. My post will appear tomorrow February 5th. You can see it by clicking on the above link sometime tomorrow or after. Thank you Michele for inviting me.

When I said I didn't have a photo of my sister Carol with her Santa I promptly recieved one from my BIL Clay. Thanks Clay. Clay is another one of those people who's photos are better than mine.

This is a photo of the east gallery taken with his camera at the opening. I don't know who took the photo with his camera as he is in the photo.

It's a funny thing about this photo of me with Bella on my lap. I was so brain dead when I got to their house for the sibling cousin dinner to celebrate the opening of the show I don't even remember Clay taking the picture! The opening was wonderful on so many levels and I was exhausted, excited and tired when it was over.

When I looked at the above photo I realized I am still wearing my flamingo watch. I put it on when I broke the band on my good watch months ago. Guess it is time to get a new band on the good watch!

I'm going to go work in the studio and do paperwork as soon as I post this as I'm more than a little behind in that department right now.

Today's puzzle is Sue's favorite quilt, June 14.
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Leslie said...

I dunno, Kay. Your flamingo watch says SO MUCH about you. Congratulations on the show.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

nice to be a guest blogger - I will check in and it sure seems that you have had so much fun with your show even though it was hard work putting it all together - it has been rewarding hasn't it.

Eva said...

The guest blogger site is so interesting, I had to push myself not to read it all, I have to go and do things! Looking forward to your posting!