Sunday, February 22, 2009

More and more June: June 8 and 9

You actually saw the beginning of June 8 when I posted the fabrics and talked about how I work on my blog last night.
The feature fabric in this quilt reminded me of trees. I don't purposely make a shibori fabric to look like something in particular - it just happens. Many of you have seen something in my fabric that I did not see. This featured piece of shibori had another layer and that layer has a different but similar patterning.

June 9 was a very challenging quilt. With the exception of the center rectangular piece the quilt was created by cutting all the curves freehand. The hardest part was insetting the curved triangular pieces into the background around them.

I thought you might enjoy seeing a close up of the quilting on this piece. If you click on the image it will enlarge so you can really see the quilting. I use vareigated thread for a lot of my quilting. Some variegated thread shades from very light to very dark and other times the values are very close. There are also variegated threads that shade from one color to one or several other colors.

Irregular shaped quilts can be a challenge to hang. Eva asked how I hang this one. I came up with a rather simple way to hang this one. I just put a casing on the back at an angle in the approximate location of the yellow rectangle. I inserted a very flat wood strip (leftover from wooden blinds I took down) into the casing. There is a very small hole drilled into the top corners at each end of the slat. It fits snugly into the casing. I attach it to the wall at an angle. The casing is on the back. It is not yellow, it matches the back of the quilt.

I played with the colors, shading and effects in June 8. I can't begin to tell you exactly what I did but I thought this variation would make a fun puzzle tonight.
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Eva said...

The pink shibori (is it?) is gorgeous. -- How do you hang up the Nr. 9?

Leslie said...

Your fabric experiments are wonderful as always. Another hanging suggestion for odd shapes came to me from Judy B. Dales, I think. Self sticking Velcro Spots, one part stapled to the wall and the other stuck to the quilt. If you are like me, the quilts change often and often, so there isn't a problem with the sticky stuff that I have determined and I have been doing variations of it for the last 11 years.

Again, GREAT Work!