Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch - and then go to Quilts: Another Dimension

I was fortunate to be able to meet friends for lunch and then go to the quilt show with them twice in the last few days. Not only that, but when we got to the show each time other friends also happened to be there.

This is the Saturday lunch bunch. None of them are quilters - yet! I did sense they were weakening. From left to right: June, Pam and Jamie.

When I arrived at the Art Center the lady at the desk said there was someone waiting to see me. It was my friend Joy and her husband Lyle. I think Joy probably owns more quilts I have made than anyone else with the possible exception of my grandchildren.

Just a short time later another friend Barb arrived. You may remember Barb's Eight Pointed Star quilts I shared with you where she "proved me wrong".

A few minutes later Bonnie, a former student and friend arrived. Do you think she dressed to match my quilt?
I really enjoyed seeing everyone and experiencing the show with them Saturday.

Today, Tuesday, a group of seven met for lunch. It started with my friend Sue and I deciding we should get together for lunch when we saw each other at the opening. We talked the next day and set a date. She asked if she would mind if she brought Ellen along. I was pleased she thought of that. Ellen and I lived on the same wing of the dorm our freshman year in college. She taught the sewing classes my Mom always took and even a foods class my Dad took with my Mom. Ellen also took a lot of my quilting classes over the years.
Then I tried to set up another lunch with my friend Corrine. The only day we both could make it was today so I invited her to join us. Our mutual friend Carolyn was arriving home from a trip yesterday so she was able to join us. Their mutual friend and another quilter I know Joyce also joined our group. Sue also brought Joan, a quilter who had taken my Millennium quilt class. So that made seven including me.
We had a lovely leisurely lunch after I introduced each of them and told a little about how I knew each of them. It was never quiet after that as everyone had a good time talking about quilts, family and other things. Sue and Ellen both brought photos of quilts they had made in my classes or I had helped them choose the fabric for. It is always so much fun to see students completed work as classes are usually over long before they complete their work.

Here's the Tuesday lunch bunch. Ellen had another commitment so while she was able to join us for lunch she couldn't come to the show with the rest of the group.

I did a little impromptu gallery talk for my friends today. They really seemed to enjoy hearing what I was attempting to do as I made each piece. I can't forget what Joyce said "Where do you get orange fabrics? I don't usually like orange but the way you have used it has changed my mind." If you're in a quilt shop and you hear someone asking where the orange fabrics are it's probably Joyce!

We were in the gift shop when out of the corner of my eye I saw another long time friend Jill. I spent a lot of time at Jill's when our children were in nursery school. I had to drive quite a distance to bring my son so rather than go home and come back I shopped while he was there. That too got old fast. Jill kindly invited me to her house while they were in nursery school. It was so good to see her as it had been quite a few years since we had seen each other.

There are no friends like long time friends. (I never use the O** word anymore when I talk about my friends!) It has been such a wonderful experience to see all of them.

Tonight's puzzle is June 1. this was one of the first quilts you saw as you walked into the show and it was Corrine's favorite. The lighting really made it come alive. You are seeing it tipped on it's side to fit the puzzle size. It should really turn 90 degrees clockwise.

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Eva said...

Oh, I love the quilt beside Bonnie! The bright spots look like gold leaf!

Jess said...

Oooo, I like that orange in there!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

What a nice group of friends you have.
Loved meeting them and seeing all the beautiful quilts at the same time.