Monday, February 16, 2009

Quilts for Coraline

These quilts would have been perfect for the movie. I created them in 1985 and they were documented in Quilters Newsletter in 1986. In this photo you may be seeing them life size or larger depending on your computer screen.

The above article is clickable to see a larger version that you can actually read.

It's hard to believe I made these 24 years ago. Where does the time go?
In the smallest quilt the strips are 1/42nd of an inch wide. The quilts have a very thin layer of batting, are hand quilted and have the narrowest binding possible. They are real traditional quilts made in a block format, rather than a single block or an embroidered quilt.

Have you seen the movie? There are trailers and short videos on the web to entice you to want to see it.
The official website is:

Have you seen the tiny exquisite hand knit sweaters Althea Crom made for the movie?

If you have seen the movie I'd love to hear where you would have used thee quilts.


Leslie said...

Well, obviously she should have been sleeping under them when she woke up after meeting her "Other Mother".

Loved the movie and loved , loved, loved the little bitty knits.

Have you seen that someone came up with a pattern for grownup sized Coraline gloves? I might finally venture into knitting gloves…

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Oh my gosh!!!! That knitting is unbelieveable! My sister and I ventured into miniature quilts for a bit a few years back. We were going to try to win the big prize from Fons and Porters miniature contest. was the last time I ever did a miniature. We spent more time on that small little baby then on a queen sized quilt trying to make sure each block was perfect.

Did we win? NO! Not even honorable mention! hahahahaha.