Monday, February 23, 2009

One more time - June 10 and 11

June 10 is one of the largest quilts in this series. It started with the hexagon shaped piece. This was originally a square but I wasn't pleased with it as it was. I cut off the two corners and then used them in the top "border" area. Often a unsuccessful fabric becomes successful when you cut it up. Being an irregular shaped quilt it was another challenge to hang. I added a casing on top and a thread loop of the almost top right corner.

June 11 is based on a traditional Amish Center Diamond design. I didn't start out to make this design - it just happened. The dark brown/black fabric was done with potato dextrin resist that I discharged with thickened bleach. It ended up with a wrinkle which interferred with the patten I created in the fabric. I still felt it was an interesting piece of fabric with the crackle texture you get from the potato dextrin.
When my son Greg saw the fabric before I cut it up he said "That is the ugliest piece of fabric I have every seen." I wonder if he noticed it in the quilt after I used it?

I am showing a close up that you can click to see a larger version of June 11. When you enlarge it you can see the crackle texture in the potato destrin fabric. You can also see the quilting better. I do not mark my quilting. The closest I came to marking was dividing the border in sections so each quilting design would be approximately the same size. I use white chalk or a white soap sliver to mark and by the time I finished the quilting it had disappeared.

You have now seen 11 of the 19 June series quilts - only 8 more to go.

Tonight's puzzle is a fan sampler quilt I designed for classes a few years ago. It was a neat class. If I ever have the time to do an line classes this will definitely be one of them.
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Eva said...

Oh, these two are gorgeous! The radiant turquoise! I did not like Shibori too much, but this is convincing. The Diamond... I'm impressed. Lityful, says the word verific.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Very nice! How many are in the series? I love love love Shibori.
I am planning on trying to make some this summer.

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Lovely work ... and I especially LOVE your potato dextrin dyed fabric!