Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch in Florida

Today the ladies who lunch had lunch at the Cotillion Southern Cafe in Wildwood, Florida. You remember my friend Peggy who gave me the yellow background fabric I used in one of the June quilts? When I saw her at quilting last week I asked her if she knew about any new restaurants. I asked the right person as she recommended the Cotillion. When my high school friend Pat and I talked about getting together for lunch before it got crazy with company here in Florida I suggested the Cotillion.
Six friends, all snowbirds from Wisconsin enjoyed a wonderful experience.
From left to right are Nancy, Laurie, Marilyn, Pat, Sue Ellen, and Kay.

The decor was so charming and unique. Everywhere you looked there was something interesting and old. Even the silverware on the tables was old and mismatched.

Here is Laurie and in the back ground you see one corner of the restaurant filled with old pictures. I was taken with some of the interesting frames on the pictures.

They were kind enough to let me have a copy of their memo to scan and share with you.
You can click on it to enlarge it so you can read it better. Doesn't it make your mouth water? We tried a variety of things and everyone was 199% satisfied with their food. I wonder how many times I will eat there before I try everything on the menu since it all looks interesting. When you come to visit me this is one of the places we'll eat.

I had the very best tomato bisque soup I have ever had in my whole life! The recipe came from our waitress who shared it and it was put on the menu for the soup of the day. I also had their sweet potato fries and they too were the best I've ever had.
Sorry Tommy, I didn't take photos of our food. I will next time!

Here are the cakes they had available for dessert. All six of us shared a piece of the 4 layer coconut cake. It was out of this world.

And what do six ladies who lunch do after lunch to burn off the calories? Well they power shop of course. This is a great shopping group. We all found something we had to have even though none of use intended to buy anything.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable beautiful day in Paradise.


Eva said...

I'll have Dixie Caviar and sweet potato. This might make me forget the typography of the menu :-)

The word verific. says "ovedilit" -- oven delight?

dee said...

I'll have the redneck nachos....and, of course, a piece of that coconut cake-I might share but don't hold me to it!