Monday, May 11, 2009

Amish Shadows quilts

Year ago I attended a presentation by Mary Ellen Hopkins. She shared the idea of sewing strip together, cutting them into triangles, combining them with a solid triangle and making a quilt top from them.
At that time this was a revolutionary new way of doing things!
I had so much fun making these blocks.
This is the first quilt I made from these blocks. I couldn't stop making them and made another similar one with the blocks that had some gold or yellow in them. I can't find that photo right now.

I still had enough pieced triangles so I added eggplant solid triangles to them for this king size quilt. I still have not added the borders to finish this work in progress. Some things just need to age a bit. Sometimes when they age you realize they are not worth finishing. This one IS worth finishing.

This is the World's Smallest quilt that you may have seen in the magazine article on an earlier post. The dime is there so you get an idea of how small it really is. The strips on this one are 1/42nd of an inch wide. Amish shadows is adaptable to any size.

I decided to give you (and me) an easy puzzle tonight!
Click to Mix and Solve


Mary Stori said...

Good grief Kay.....does this post ever take me down memory lane. Somewhere I still have my Amish miniature started in a workshop I took from you!

Eva said...

I saw a quilt much like this in the book of Jonathan Holstein 30 years ago and couldn't get it out of my mind. This is gorgeous!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

find that quilt and take it out so it can breathe!
If it's not done, finish it.
It would look great in your guest room.

Leslie said...

I grew up in Amish country and you brought back some memories for me too. Thanks, now if you would go take a peek at my blog. You are mentioned there

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

That dime sized quilt is just crazy!!!