Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Even more Amish quilts

This is the first miniature quilt I made. It is also the start of my own method for making miniature quilts. After I developed this method I taught classes all over the country. I know some of you have taken this class. The squares in this quilt are 1/4 inch. When I made this I didn't realize that I should shorten the stitch length when stitching on the paper so I probably spent more time removing the paper than I did making the actual quilt. It is hand quilted by me.

Here I am showing my various miniature quilts to a group of students in a workshop on the road. The Amish shadows quilt you see is the one I taught when I did a one day workshop. The fabric strips in this are 1/4 inch. This was one of the most popular workshops I taught. I presented a lecture "Magnificent Miniature Quilts" to go along with the workshop.

This Trip Around The World Quilt is made entirely from silk in various textures. I feel this is one of my most successful Amish quilts as the colors really glow. It is a perfect quilt to hang in a dimly lit area. It is 35 inches square.

The Amish Double Irish Chain is tonight's puzzle.
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Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I admire anyone who does minis. It is just not for me! Tried it ... did not like it....never went back! haha.