Thursday, May 7, 2009

Everyone has to start somewhere!

I'm continuing the story line I started recently by showing you some of my early quilts.

Maybe Mondrian was one of my early quilts that could be considered an Art Quilt. I just started sewing fabrics together and let it happen. I was quite pleased with it.
It is obvious it is a fairly early quilt as I was still hand quilting everything at that time. It was acquired by a collector who'd taste I always admired.

The light fabric in this quilt is a beige with hunter green pindots. Who remembers pindots from the early 80's? I think I bought them in every color they were available in.

This is a view of our guestroom right after we completed our addition. I stored my antique and larger quilts on the guest room bed so they could remain flat. When I had guests visit I would ceremoniously remove and fold the quilts while my guests oohed and aahed! This got old fast and I made other arrangements to store them.
You see my oldest son's baby quilt with the teddy bears on it. The six pointed star on the qult rack is the quilt my husband's grandmother made for him with feed sack fabric. Her work was impeccable. The Lady of the Lake quilt on the wall is also in a private collection. The quilts in this photo that are mine are all hand quilted but probably by someone else as I was finding that something that put undue stress on my wrists with the amount of work I was creating.

This is part of my quilt history and I enjoy sharing it. Collecting and seeing antique quilts is also a very important part of my development as the quilter I am today.
I also want people to see where I started as everything I've done contributes to where I am today.

I had a little conversation with a friend on line this evening and we both agree that we are so lucky to have found quilting. It has really been an important part of our lives and has enriched it tremendously. How else could I have almost 500 Face Book friends in less than 3 weeks? And I said I'd never join Face Book! What great memories my contacts on FB have stirred up. I'd love to hear from others from my past or future on FB.

Tonight's puzzle is the sum of the quilts in the guest room years ago!
Click to Mix and Solve


Leslie said...

Very kewl, I love your Lady of the Lake. Fun journey you are taking us on.

Dawn said...

Ok Kay, You've done it! I'm hooked on those crazy puzzles! I had to post a link to it and your site on my blog: Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles. I barely had time to do that because there are so many puzzles to do! :) What fun! And I love your blog and the quilts you've made. I hope you don't mind, but I posted a photo of your latest with the puzzle link.


Eva said...

The quilt on top reminds me of ancient letters, either arabian or sanskrit:
Google pseudokufi or kalachakra mantra!