Monday, May 25, 2009

Southwest Star

Southwest Star is a broken star design. I started this with star points left after making a shirt from my Lone Star shirt pattern.

I varied the colors in each star point to make it more interesting. I went to my box of precut strips to find colors to use. Do you see the three original points?

The background was a very interesting print and I could see the possibilities it offered. By rotating the pattern fabric I created movement in the quilt.

It also provided a pattern to hand quilt in the background.
You can see the quilting more clearly in this close up. This was photographed in the home of my brother and SIL who acquired this quilt for their collection.

My sister in law Mary does my puzzles every night - much faster than I do them!
Tonight I'm giving her a chance to do a puzzle of one of the quilts from their collection. We also talked about the simple puzzles and the harder ones. Tonight I have decided to give you both an easier and the more difficult puzzle.
Click to Mix and Solve
And here is the hardest puzzle I've ever challenged you with.
Click to Mix and Solve

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Dolores said...

I really like this quilt. So the swirls were already in the fabric? It looks like it was machine quilted. Also, was the lightness in the fabric too? When I first looked at it and studied it (I do that with quilts) I wondered if you bleached out the pattern.
BTW, the word verification is "histrapp" - interesting.