Sunday, May 10, 2009

What to do with more orphan blocks?

When I taught sampler quilt classes I would have to make the same block several times. I came up with a way to use these blocks. I used similar fabrics in each block and put full blocks and parts of blocks together to make a new design that could stand on it's own.

Panchatantra is made up of one full block and 4 partial blocks. By making careful choices of fabric placement it is hard to see where one block ends and another begins. This is why I added the yellow and green outlines for you to see this. (In private collection)

Minarets was done with the same group of fabrics in a similar manner.

You can see how I used a whole block in the center, 4 half blocks around the edge and 4 quarter blocks in the corners to make this quilt.

Both of these have been enriched by using a border print to frame them. These are both hand quilted.

I'm using my favorite cut, lizards for tonight's Minarets puzzle.

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