Friday, May 8, 2009

Quilts in the Amish style

This is a replication of an Amish quilt. It is a small quilt. I did this after I realized every quilt I made didn't have to be king size!
I photographed it on a shed on one of my students farms. It was a great place to photograph until she moved to Virginia.

I have to share this with all of you:

It is a link to a 6 minute video by Julie Silber about the Espirit Amish Quilt collection.

In addition to seeing beautiful quilts you also will find out about the Amish Quilts of Lancaster County. I was not bored for a moment and wished it was longer.

Julie Silber was one of my early role models when I was a beginning quilter. She is not a qulter herself but in my opinion she is the foremost quilt authority anywhere.

Elements is a quilt I did in the Amish style. Replicating Amish quilts is an excellent way to learn about color, value, and quilting styles.

This is another Amish 9 patch variation I made while studying Amish quilts. It is in a private collection.

All of these quilts are hand quilted.

Elements is tonight's puzzle.
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Eva said...

How amazing the colours are! Certainly not worn before, the brilliant purple and turquoise fabrics. There is such a contrast to the plain colours they wore (no vanity!) and the quilts! Was it a glimpse of the Divine Light? Does the remote and undistracted life give a special sensitivity?