Friday, May 22, 2009

More strip pieced quilts - BRC Quilts

I'm sharing these BRC quilts with you. It is been one of the hardest quilts to photograph I've ever made. When I took this photo of them hanging on the stairwell to my studio I ws so surprised how accurate the colors were.
Hanging quilts over the stairwell was not a project for the faint of heart. It used to be a project for a daredevil.
The first time I had a quilt hung here my husband stood on the railing (all 265 lbs of him) and leaned over and pounded nails in the wall. I held my breath while he did it (This was one year after he broke his arm standing on the top platform of a ladder and fell over onto a tree stump).
My job was to stand there and grab him if he started to fall! I'm glad he didn't because I could not have held onto him.
That quilt stayed there for much longer than I wanted it to be there because I couldn't watch him do that again.

I heard about using closet door tracks to hang quilts. We hung these tracks on the ceiling. It allows us to load the quilts from the floor in the studio and slide them across to hang over the stair well. A much better and safer solution.

The large quilt is Fantasia and the smaller one is Fantasia 2. Fantasia is hand quilted and Fantasia 2 in machine quilted. I love them just as much today as when I made them.

I think I have always had a love affair designing quilts with strips sewn into strata and sliced and diced - long before it was the "thing to do".

Do you know what a BRC quilt is? I'll share the answer after the puzzle if you don't.

Fantasia 2 is tonight's puzzle.
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BRC = Before rotary cutter
For those of you who started quilting ARC you don't know how we had to draw lines on our fabric and then cut the strips with scissors.


Dolores said...

Ah yes, what all those ARC people missed. The rotary cutter sure does save a whole lot of time. I wonder what the great grandmothers could have accomplished if they had had rotary cutters.

Deb said...

My first quilt was BRC, but it was much smaller than yours and all triangles and squares. But to do all that strip piecing without a Rotary Cutter! My goodness that had to be tedious! And just think how fast it would go now! I absolutely love both pieces!

jude said...

love these and thanks for solving the puzzle

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I do not know how we did it BRC. Unbelievably beautiful quilts. I had to laugh at you holding your husband just in case he falls. I got butterflies in my stomach just thinking of him on that rail!
I have done that for different things with my husband and often thought why I am even bothering it will just end up both of us will get hurt since he is 210!!!!

I always think if a quilt stands the test of time it is truly your best work.

Virginia said...

TRACKS! Of course. I've been struggling with how to do this myself. I guess I have to find someone with a really big ladder to put up the tracks though.

These quilts are stunning. I love having my quilts hang in my home too. It allows me to show visitors a part of myself that I can't really explain to them.

Renee said...

Thanks for the history lesson, I would have never quessed... BRC!!!

Also thanks for the tip about the closet hanger... that is a great idea, will have to give it a try:-).