Thursday, May 28, 2009

Work I Progress - For Never Plaid 2

When I am designing I work on my design wall. This piece will be composed of these 9 sections.

I put them on the wall in a configurations I think I might want to use.

I walk away to the opposite side of the studio and turn around and look to see if I like it from a distance.

I may do this step from 5 - 50 or more times deciding if what I am doing works.
These are 5 of the configurations I tried.

Sometimes the change is as simple as turning a block a full 180 degrees. Sometimes it is switching two blocks. Sometimes it involves a totally new layout.

I also find taking pictures and viewing them on the computer is another way to see what works best. You can look at the design more objectively when it is reduced to a smaller scale. There are no formulas or easy answers when you work like this.

I am not sure which one of these will be my final layout but I have an idea.

Once I have the final layout the fun begins! These blocks are totally different sizes and shapes so it takes some creative cutting and sewing to make them fit together.

I've used one version for tonight's puzzle.
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Chris Predd said...

I use my camera a lot as well as I am designing a piece........similar to you, there's a lot of back and forth! thanks for sharing.
Chris Predd

Terry said...

On occassion I also use a camera to view the work in "black and white" which allows you to see where there might be value issues. Thanks for sharing the process info.

Eva said...

No 3 I like best because the turquoise seems arranged most harmonically to me.