Friday, May 1, 2009

Settling in - but mighty slowly

It's good to be back in Wisconsin even if it is cold and damp. This photo was taken right after our addition was completed a few years ago.
The second floor is my studio - it's all mine. I'm up there now working on the computer.

It usually takes me at least a week to get unpacked, catch up with the mail, and do all the nitty gritty details that have to be taken care of.

As I look to my left this is the quilt I see. It is one of 4 quilts we hung in my stairwell gallery right before I left for Florida. I accidentally erased the photos so will try again when the light is right.

Spring is a quilt I made with a technique I developed called Tubular Spiral Patchwork. I need to see this to remind me it REALLY is spring here in Wisconsin!

I think this is the best puzzle to remind us it really is spring.
Click to Mix and Solve


Eva said...

Beautiful place to work at! I have to make a choice between easle and treadle sewing machine, there is room for only one of them...
The second quilt is one of these howdidshedoits. Amazing!

Wil Opio Oguta said...

Your spring quilt is gorgeous!

Barb Forrister said...

This piece has great rythmic flow to it. I really like the irregular edges. Fantastic idea.

Deb said...

I absolutely love both of these quilts! Such an inspiration! I'd love to see them in person someday! Glad to hear your travel back up north went smoothly!