Thursday, June 25, 2009

Compass Rose

Compass Rose is another quilt I mounted on a custom made stretcher frame. There was a misunderstanding about the size so I also have another octagon frame that I will make a quilt to fit.
This was one of Jinny Beyer's seminar block designs at one of her very first Hilton Head Seminars. Of course her block was a square. I drafted the pattern in the size I wanted it to be.
Although I used some traditional calicos in this piece I also used some batiks and other fabrics that were unusual over 25 years ago.
This is hand quilted.

This SEVEN pointed star is a quilt I designed with Corel Draw but never made in fabric. It would be next to impossible to create this one as you see it here in fabric. I did this about 14 years ago when I was having so much fun with Corel Draw I wondered if I would ever make another quilt.
I could not begin to tell you how I did this.
About the only 7 point star quilts I have seen are those where someone started out to make an 8 point star and found the pieces didn't fit so they left one out!

One thing I have noticed about the quilts I have made is many of my best pieces radiated out from the center in a mandala format. I am not currently working in this way.

I am giving us 2 different options for the Compass Rose puzzle tonight - easy and more challenging.

Click to Mix and Solve

Click to Mix and Solve

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