Monday, June 29, 2009

Where have all the bloggers gone?

I think blog season is something like TV season.
So with that in mind I guess it is time for reruns.
If you've seen these before you can change the channel.
If you are new here you probably have missed some of my early posts.
I will continue to post new blog posts but will intersperse them with some reruns of some of my favorite quilts and stories.


I sometimes introduce myself by saying "My name is Kay, - I don't do bed quilts - Sorensen.

I made an exception to that for the Millennium. I made a king size charm quilt for each of my 8 grandchildren.

Each quilt has 2000 different fabrics with a Millennium Border Print.
I traded fabric with over 350 people from around the world to do the project.

The grandchildren are only allowed to sleep under them on New Year's Eve or other special occasions. Each quilt is accompanied by a Journal so they can record their activities, photos and share where they were each time they use the quilts.

They were started in April 1999 and finished on December 15, 1999.

This would not have been possible if I had not had Sandy Schilawski of Green Bay, Wisconsin quilt them. She did a fantastic job and I really appreciated it.

No one was more amazed than me that I finished all 8 in that period of time!

The photo shows only 1 quilt but there are REALLY 8 - each with different borders and backings, but all with similar color layouts.

When I originally posted this I hadn't started doing puzzles. Now you can do a puzzle from this quilt.
Click to Mix and Solve


Mary Stori said...

I'm glad you dug into your archives....I hadn't seen's fabulous.

Leslie said...

Great quilt and I love that they have a journal to go with them. What a treasure! You and the quilts.