Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's black and white and a little red all over?

This quilt is part of a series of quilt kits I did called Historic Concepts - Contemporary Systems.
I was inspired by antique quilts I found in magazines for most of the quilts. I used quick piecing instructions in the kits. I had several people who bought the kits and taught themselves to quilt by making them. Black and White Nine Patch Star is hand quilted.

I played around with a section of the quilt in Corel Photo Paint so you can see the quilting motif I designed for the elongated hexagon.

Enjoy the star cut with the star quilt!
Click to Mix and Solve


Anonymous said...

awesome stuff. how do you churn the quilts out so quickly? I am awe inspired

Eva said...

oh this is wonderful! The graphic clarity. Just stunning!

Leslie said...

Yum, love the idea of black, white and red all over quilts.

Again, Kay, thanks for being a part of my world...