Friday, June 26, 2009

One design - three variations

This piece of art for the wall uses a lot of different techniques. The center panel was designed with Corel Draw and printed onto fabric. Some of the shells you see on that center panel are real and some are printed. The gold seahorse is a charm. I used a lot of shells in the border. I have used several layers of muslin along with two printed fabrics. The muslin has been stitched and clipped to create texture. the binding is a gunmetal color metallic lame. This was a gift for our friend's wedding.
These are all clickable to enlarge to see the details in the pieces.

On this piece the center panel is painted with acrylic artists paints from a tube thinned with water. I used a gold pen to make some marks on the painted panel. This uses a variety of embellishments but the basic design is the same. I also painted some rattail cord and couched that onto the piece. I taught this in my Smorgasew class. Each student painted a panel in class, coordinated prints and embellishments to use with the panel and then went home with directions and completed the project.

This is the same design again but this one is a heart theme. It is in a private collection. These were so much fun to create.

The puzzle is a star cut for the Starfish art.
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Anonymous said...

Kay, This is a lovley design, and well worth repeating.
Judy B

Anonymous said...

A fascinating look at how simple color and subject changes alter one's design. AND....of course....I'm partial to the embellishments!
Mary Stori

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I'm one of those people who hardly ever used embellishments but for these they were a very integral part.
And of course on your work they also are Mary.