Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One thing leads to another - and another

I seem to be going backwards with the things I have been showing recently. The Origami bow tie I showed you in my Gradual Gradation series was done after these two quilts.
This was my first Origami bow tie quilt. It is a quilt I started with a bag of squares that were already cut. It is a very traditional type quilt, although the bow ties have a third dimension. It has 3 borders - the first a narrow strip of a border print, the second a pieced border using the remaining squares and the final border is a wider strip of the border print. It was so much fun to make.

This quilt was made for my son's office. He asked for a blue and burgundy quilt and I was sick of working with those colors. I enjoyed making this quilt because I was able to be creative with the fabrics I picked. The fabrics I selected were cotton prints that I could actually imagine being used for some unique bow ties. The background squares were fabrics that resembled men's dress shirting. The border is a dark gray wool flannel, typical of a men's suit. I call it "Bow Ties for Business". No - he has never worn a bow tie!

Tonight's puzzle is a section of Bow Ties for Business.
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Eva said...

Is it coincidence that an Origami quilt has a Mount Fuji in the middle?
Beautiful colours! I love it!