Friday, June 12, 2009

Unique ways to display your quilts

When getting ready for an open studio I had to find as many places to display quilts as I could. Silent Movie is hanging on a tension rod that is wedged between the sides of a shelving unit.
This has deep shelves that always looks cluttered so I have left this in place both as a decorative accessory in the room and to hide the clutter. You wouldn't believe what is behind it! This is hand quilted.

Gradual Gradations 5 is done with my mirror gradation hand dyed fabric. It covers the TV, photo albums, tapes, etc in the guest room cabinet.
If you look at the vertical strips in the quilt you can see how the fabric changes from dark to light and back again to dark. You may find it easier to see this if you click on the quilt to enlarge it.
I took advantage of the unique value gradation in this fabric to create this piece. Within the 9 patch blocks the gray changes from dark at the top to light in the middle to dark at the bottom just like the vertical strips. The hot pink changes from light at the top to dark in the middle to light at the bottom. This is another way of using intersecting fields of color. The light background is a batik fabric.

Don't ask how I dye this fabric - you really don't want to know. It is way too much work, needs to have special equipment built and wastes a ton of dye. I will continue to work with the pieces I have already dyed but have no intention of dyeing this way again.

Neither of these quilts were designed and made for these particular spaces. They just happened to fit them.

Gradual Gradations 5 is tonight's puzzle.
Click to Mix and Solve

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