Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gradual Gradations 6 & who has the prettiest peonies?

Gradual Gradations 6 uses exactly the same fabrics as I used in Gradual Gradations 5.
You can see how the gray shades one way and the pink the opposite.
I did some creative things with the borders, partially neccesitated by the amount of fabric I had available.
I think you will be able to see what I did and better appreciate the way I used the fabrics in the border if you click on this to enlarge it.

This quilt is what I call an Origami Bow Tie. It does not require sewing into corners or Y seams.

You may have noticed many of my quilts are not a regular shape. Although this is a perfect square it hangs on the diagonal and was designed to hang this way. To hang an irregular shape quilt I put a pocket on the top half of the back of a double layer of fabric. It is attached to the quilt when I attach the binding. I put two small buttonholes near the top of the pocket. I cut a piece of foam core board to the exact size and shape of the pocket. I put two small holes in the foam core in the exact same place as the bottonholes. When the foam core is inserted in the pocket it can be hung on 2 nails or hooks.

Tip: If you make a square quilt and are not satisfied with the composition try hanging it on the diagonal. Often this is just enough to make a so so quilt a stunner.

So many of us are enjoying peonies and lilacs in different parts of the country right now. When they did our most recent landscaping they planted peonies without asking us what color we would like. I was so disappointed when they planted white and pink. Red or rose peonies have always been my favorites. Since these grow on the side of our house without windows this is only about the 3rd time in 10 years I have been able to pick a bouquest before they wilted. I forget they are there. I will have to admit they are lovely and make a beautiful bouquet.
If I want to see rose and red peonies all we have to do is look across the street at our neighbors yard. They have an ever changing show of different flowers from earliest spring through fall.

I hope you enjoy tonight's puzzle. I don't think this one is too hard. We'll see though when "I" try to do it!
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Sherryl said...

The peonies are lovely. It is the flower I miss the most out here in AZ. I had 6 gorgeous bushes when I lived in NJ.. all the hot colors. I am trying to figure out how I can grow some here... I have a plan!

Quilt Pixie said...

thanks for the tip regarding hanging irregular shapes -- it makes perfect sense, but I've been struggling to figure out how to mount a circular work without it "flopping" every which way :-)

Exuberant Color said...

As much as I love the deeper colored peonies in a bouquet for mixed colors, I really love the paler pink ones the best. Ours are all done blooming now so I'll enjoy yours.