Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Turning Point is made from 4 rectangular blocks. I have also used this block in another quilt with a totally different effect. Originally I had intended to fill in the center but after several tries the quilt told me it didn't need or want a center.

This is one of the 4 blocks and you can see the 3 curved sections that make up the block. Each section was constructed using my Tubular Spiral Patchwork method.
Someone suggested it could be work as a poncho so just for the fun of it I modeled it over a royal blue jumpsuit one time!

Blooming Balloon was the other quilt that started with the same block. I made several alterations to the block but it still has the same basic block as the starting point. This is composed of 2 mirror image blocks.

Tonight's puzzle is one block from Turning Point.
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Ruthie Powers said...

Kay, these are amazing. They really work. I feel pulled into the square.

Eva said...

The black square is a powerful statement. "Enough of all this whirling around, let's step out on the terrace and enjoy the silence of the night while they keep dancing."