Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where have I been?

In my closets trying to purge things I no longer use.
Am I done yet? Not even close - but I'm taking a break to post some challenging ways of designing quilts.

This photo was taken many years ago in my very small condo on Hilton Head Island. It was not set up to be a studio for 3-5 quilters but we definitly made it work. In this photo you see me designing a quilt with a packet I purchased of 24 hand dyed fabrics. I only had 1/16th yard of each of these colors that made up a muted color wheel. I cut them in strips, joined groups of 8 and then sub cut into the size than came out with an easily divisible and usable number.
I really had do idea what I was going to do but figured I'd probably do something rectangular.
As I started to lay them on the floor I realized I could come up with something pretty great by combining them in triangles to create a hexagon shape quilt. I have laid a piece of shaded blue hand dyed fabric under the sections. When I realized there was not enough of the fabric to fill in all of the background I came up with plan B.

This is the completed version of Night Watch. The quilt is really straight, the photo was just shot at an angle.

My friend Sally designed a quilt block called "Sam and Jinny Evening". To get a good look at it she had to stand on the high counter. I don't have a photo of the completed block but it was spectacular as everything she did was.

When we needed a design wall we did one of 3 things: pinned to the drapes, pinned to the wall paper which was thick and pinable or laid things on the floor and ran up the steps to the balcony to see our work from a distance. You can't stop a determined quilter.

Night Watch is tonigh'ts puzzle.
Click to Mix and Solve


laura west kong said...

lol, I often have to stand on all kinds of furniture to get a good look (or photo) of my quilts! =(^_^)=

Love 2 Quilt said...

Too cute!! I admit I've stood on chairs and pinned pieces to the drapes also.

Gayle Bong said...

WELL, I have seen your closet and it will take forever to clean it. Not cause it is so messy ladies, just cause it is so huge! So glad you came up for air and posted. Good luck. Gayle Bong

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Oh, Gayle - you have only seen the tip of the iceberg.
Do you know how many closets and store rooms I have?????????????