Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rubic's Cube Quilts

I love to use these images as a Rubic's Cubes. This is one of my miniature quilts: Southwest Splendor

I love the visual texture you see when I made this Rubic's Cube block from my miniature Amish Bars Quilt. I wish I could reproduce it into an actual Rubic's Cube 3D puzzle. No, that's probably not a good idea as I probably could never solve it.

Evolution, a wall size quilt also makes an attractive Rubic's Cube. Rubic's Cube gives these quilts another life.

Tonight's puzzle is Evolution.
Click to Mix and Solve


Eva said...

Quilts are early constructivism, aren't they? They prove remarkable mathematical ability of the artists, and these are mostly ladies.--
Thank you so much for your latest comments!

Jean said...

Interesting look. How did you get them on the rubics cube? Is it a gadget type thing you can download?