Thursday, December 29, 2011

Australia Checking In - Potato Chip Quilt

I received this photo this morning from Cassandra Philpot from Australia.

It is her version from my tutorial for creating a Potato Chip Quilt.

The addition of a double spacer - both green and yellow - take this from being a ho hum quilt to a WOW quilt.

As you can see it is bed size. Notice she has added a border to this which is a great finishing touch for a bed quilt.

She also mentioned she has made several others as have the members of her group, the Queanbeyan Quilters.

I am always pleased to receive photos of things I have posted tutorials for as it makes me realize it was worth my time to write them and people really do use them.


Judy from Northport said...

Hi Kay ~ I am a new reader and, thanks to you, am going to start my first potato chip quilt this weekend.
Please answer this question: I understand that the seams don;t have to be pressed until the whole thing is assembled, but do the seams for the "chips" have to be pressed b4 the giant strip is folded in half for the first time? I can't imagine that they don't, but I thought I;d ask - anything to avoid ironing!
Thanks and happy new year...

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Yes, do press the first seams before you cross then with the long seams.