Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Looking Like A Quilt May Be Happening!

When I posted some of these fabrics I had dyed a few days ago I liked what I saw.
I also realized I would have to dye some more fabric to make it work as a quilt.

This weekend I dyed two more vats of fabric - one Loden and one Chino.

The fabrics I've added to this are from both of the vats.

As soon as I looked at the picture as I was writing this post I could see some places that needed changing. This picture shows it with those changes.

This does give you some insight in how I design - although I work many different ways when designing something.

It still needs more tweaking and possibly additions, corrections or take aways.
This is the stage where I need to study it to decide what to do. That usually takes days or even longer.


AnnieO said...

Intriguing colors and patterns!

Gabriele Agustini said...

Wow! Very impressive work!! Being a silk painter/fabric dyer, myself, I know what it takes to create these!
Job well done, Kay!!!!
Sending hugs ~

Mary Stori said...

I'm looking forward to your finished piece.....coming from someone who has struggled working with discharged dyed fabric! I've personally found these exciting prints difficult to showcase...they have so much energy on their own...taming them is the key. And I know YOU KNOW where that key is!!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

And more often than not, the key is hiding, waiting to be discovered.

Frieda said...

Love it, I am doing something similar it must be in the air.