Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tangerine Tango - Clothing I Have Made

So many people seem surprised that Tangerine Tango was picked at the top of the Color Forecast for 2012.

As I look back I realize I also have been making clothing with it for many years and also buying clothing in the exact color.

I made this pleated wool skirt and vest in the late 50's. It would be right in style for 2012 - both colorwise and style wise.

OHHHHHHH, pretty polyester double knits - I would guess I made it over 35 years ago. I felt so great when I wore this halter dress. I can hand this down to my great great great grandchildren as the fabric will never wear out!

I would guess I made this body suit about 25-30 years ago as that is when they came into style to prevent blouses pulling out and looking messy. The hat was made to match a raincoat that has long since disappeared. I felt I needed something BRIGHT on those rainy cloudy Wisconsin days.

A friend of mine called this "The Safety Patrol Dress". This was made about 30 or more years ago when color blocking was big.

Yes, what comes around goes around. Some say fashion repeats itself in 20-25 year cycles and these fashions would certainly go along with that statement.


Gina said...

Fun photos and fashions!

Leslie said...

Great post! Loved the trip down memory lane. That looks like a Buchanan tartan to me.

Anonymous said...

Tangerine Tango or the prior rendition certainly produces bright pictures.