Friday, December 2, 2011

Jan Myers Newbury Class - My Work 8

This is the last installment showing the work I did in Jan's class.
If you look at 1-8 you can see how much I accomplished in this one week class.
We actually only dyed fabric for 4 days as the last day was set aside for design work.
If you think I created a lot of pieces, I want you to know I was one of the slower students in the class and many created a lot more than I did.

So without further ado - here are the last 5 pieces.

If you think a lot of these look very similar it is because I was trying to create a coordinated group of fabrics with the pieces in My Work 5-8. They definitely have a coordinated look. But, they ended up too busy to use together with nothing else added for a place to rest your eyes.

Since my design was already in my head and waiting for my fabrics to be washed out, I used the time that last day to roll 7 more pieces to dye when I was at home. I did complete them this week and you will see them in due time.

Once I started dying fabric it got me in the mood to do more so I have been rolling more fabric and when all my poles are used I will do another batch of dyeing - on a day when it is warmer than today!

I've fit this rolling of the poles between my quilting and knitting. (Of course occasionally I also clean, straighten the house, do paper work, cook, socialize, shop and spend a little time on the computer - not necessarily in that order!).


Anonymous said...

Kay, these pieces are lovely. Did you dye the base color first and then do the pole wrapping?

I love that background color - makes them so much more interesting than just the pole wrapped pattern.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I sorta did the base first!
Not a comlete answer I know.

Sheila said...

Beautiful Kay! :)

Anonymous said...

a nice palette; have you tried over-dyeing commercial fabric? A purist would dye the base color first and then do the wrapping but maybe using a solid as a starting point might be rather interesting.

When I look at your fabrics, I think of sherbet

Sylvia in cloudy Beaumont

Anonymous said...

When you do these, do you paint with a thickened dye (Procion with sodium alginate to thicken) or do you just paint with the dyes at a regular "waterey" dye concentrate consistency? Thanks.
Johanna in WI