Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tangerine Tango - 2012 Top Color Forecast

Pantone has selected Tangerine Tango (17-1463) as it's top color for 2012.

I do so love that color. I'd like to share two of the quilts I've used it in.

This is quilt 15 from the Colors Of My Life series.

This is Colors Of My Life number 7.

I feel like I am always a little ahead of the pack in my use of color as these quilt were finished in 1994 and 1995!

I think I have made at least 20 quilts that use Tangerine Tango.


Leslie said...

Great quilts.

The colour reminds me of a deeper version of Mimosa, which was the trend colour, what, two years ago?

Nancy Eha said...

When I taught at a fiber conference in Australia a few years back, I noticed that orange was a prevalent color in many of the fiber art pieces I saw. This was in contrast to what I saw in the US. At that time, my experiences with fiber artists in the US was that orange was not a color that was popular and dare I say comfortable to use. So three cheers for Tangerine Tango!
Nancy Eha

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!